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         Drawing and painting the human figure has been one of humanity’s oldest ways to communicate.   Since cave paintings where the hunter is portrayed with basic structural lines that suggest movement and proportion to tell others about their hunt, to religious paintings that allowed the illiterate to understand a message conveyed in a book, to representations of kings and queens to communicate power and nobility, to the more humanistic paintings of the impressionists who intended to show a more natural world and exalt the common, to the abstract paintings of modern artists to express their in conformity with rules and structure, the portrayal of the human figure has accompanied the evolution of humanity at every level.

        In this class I attempt to provide the students with the fundamentals of live drawing to help them overcome the fear and challenge of transforming a 3D image, the model, into a 2D representation, the canvas, and to do it correct proportioned and with a pleasant composition.

Students will learn to use materials such as graphite pencils, red conte pencils, ink, compressed and vine charcoal to render live models.  The class starts with the fundamental steps to draw the figure, including the basic knowledge of materials, drawing medium, papers and surfaces, measuring tools and other skills needed to translate a three dimensional object into a  two dimensional image. Elements of design and composition are covered in different sessions as well as basic proportions of the human figure. There is always a live model present in the class and students are encouraged to work exclusively from life.   Demos are provided often at the start of a new concept or idea for clarification.

This class builds up from the beginning, so drop-ins are not welcomed, and attendance is required to develop a structured base and to incorporate new concepts.


12 weeks, three hours per week

$700 if paid in full by the first class or $60 if paid each class.  Model fees ($50) are not included in this price but will be divided between participants.



          Private lessons to achieve specific goals.  This classes are tailored to your needs, goals and availability.   For adults a minimum  of 90 min. weekly sessions, for children minimum of 45 min. sessions weekly s recommended.  

Sessions are held at the Studio location in Tomball.

Price   $55/hour.



      In this personalized classes I will teach you all the skills, listening, writing, speaking, necessary for communication in Spanish, no matter your current level or age.   The classes can be held at the studio in Tomball, online or,  in certain cases,  at your location.   This classes can also be tailored to groups with specific needs, for example  doctors, teachers corporations, etc.   You will learn the structure of the language, along with the cultural aspects of the language

Price is  $55/hour for one student, $ 5,00 for any additional student/ class


f one of your goals for 2019 is to travel to Latin-America then come and learn Spanish  to be able to communicate and enjoy the culture when you travel.

If you want to improve your Spanish so you can thrive in this multicultural metropolis come and take some lessons in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 

If you need to learn Spanish in order to improve your job opportunities please register for some classes.

If you are interested in doing a mission trip to Latin America and feel you are inadequately prepared because you don’t speak the language, please register for some sessions that allow you to communicate with those you wish to help. 

If you are in school and need to improve your Spanish grades it is time to have some tutoring sessions.

Group or individual classes are tailored to your level and needs.  Flexible schedule, week days, evenings and weekends. 

To register or for more info hildalockley@hotmail.comwww.hruedart.com  or 832-465-1641





 Feel free to contact me with additional inquiries, or for individual lessons.


314 Commerce Street, Tomball, Texas.