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Posted by hildalockley@hotmail.com on April 1, 2013 at 1:20 PM

I lost you and me and everything in between.

 I lost my light, my hope and my future.

 I lost the forbidden dreams that we dreamt and the hours I spent dreaming.

 I lost the trail that led to you and found a pool to wash my face after that eternal sojourn.

 I lost your smile, and mine fell asleep under the shadows of your grave.

 I lost the spark that kept me alive and the life you sparked on me.

 I lost my muse and now I walk numbed and unconscious in the sea of dark,

 I lost my arms in the battle to redeem my soul and my heart trying to conquer the unconquerable.

 My skin is now rough with the scars of unfulfilled promises and untamed desires.

 I lost the treasures that you hid behind your unpredictable story and i lost the wish to ever find them again.

 The air between us is stagnant and unbridgeable and the words despicable and unreachable.

 I lost the north that guided me and I do not mind it anymore.

 I find myself mesmerized by the indomitable past and the roads I walked to find you.

I lost my ground and my sense of belonging and my home is now the rustling of the wind in the disappearing trees.

 I lost what I thought I had, and never did.

 I lost what my ego called mine by birth right and discovered I was never born in you.

 I lost my ability to see the soul that bears me and the transparency of time and pain.

I lost the words to come to you and everything has disappeared under the fog of your vile nature.

 Nothing grows under my feet and the path behind me is a desert of desire and hate.

I am lost, please don’t come back to look for me…….

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